Department of Pharmaceutical Nano Technology

Pharmaceutical Nano technology PhD degree program that has been run since 2009 aims at educating efficient professionals in the area of pharmaceutical Nano technology so that the country achieve self-sufficiency in producing Nano biotechnology products and employing them in academic and scientific centers, pharmaceutical-medical centers and pharmaceutical industries. Under this program, the student becomes familiar with various subjects such as Nano biotechnology, pharmaceutical Nano technology, advanced molecule cell biology, material Nano biology, cell and texture culture, advanced pharmacokinetics, gene therapy, microscopic analysis of Nano particles, etc. Pharmaceutical Nano technology PhD degree program is the highest and a specialist degree in pharmacy.

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Department and members' news
Monday, 16 October 2017
Department and members' news Achievements: Introducing new products such as SinaDoxosome, SinaCurcumin and Sina Ampholeish to the market based on new technologies by Dr. Jafari is an outstanding achievement made by this department. Mr. Dr. Jafari is the founder and chairman (of the board) of knowledge-based company Exir Nano Sina Company (ENSC) ( that currently produces drugs such as SinaDoxosome (the liposome form of doxorubicin used to treat cancer), Sina... READ_MORE
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